A project is an area of interest to be monitored. It is commonly scoped as part of a platform, for example, Yield Farming of Insdex Finance. Projects are usually made by the platform owner themselves to provide transparency to the community. However, projects can also be created by community enthusiasts who wanted to provide information to the public as well.

If a project is made public, you can see information of the project such as:


See list of alerts that have ever happened to this project. You can see both highlight incidents that should be relevant at the time you look, or the previous incidents that you want to learn more about.


We provide a simple chart that show the trends of alerts over time. This information might be useful to consider when you want to interact or invest with the platform in the future.

Monitoring Usecases

You can see what is currently being monitored in Usecase tab. It shows all targets currently being monitored, as well as what exactly is being monitored for each target.

Notification Channels

If the project provides any public channels that you can join to get notified of alerts, it will be shown in Notification tab. This is usually a channel in the platform's Discord, or a Telegram announcement chanel.

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