A target is a filter of a data source that is in the interest. Watchers will only generate events if it matches the specified targets. Each target type will be compatible with only certain types of Watchers.

Target types

Contract Target

A contract target focuses on events from a specific contract. To use a contract target, contract address, chain, and ABI is required.

Inspex Lighthouse will automatically try to find the ABI when chain and contract address is provided. If it cannot find ABI, you can find the contract ABI and add manually

Note: If a contract is a proxy contract (ERC-1967), you might need to add ABI manually. See finding contract ABI

Token Target

A contract target focuses on events from a specific tokens. Currently ERC-20 (tokens), ERC-721 (NFTs), and native tokens are supported. For watchers that wanted to monitor multiple tokens or chains, you can create a target that targets any token on any chain.

Create a target

  1. Go to Targets tab

  1. Click Create Target

  2. Choose the type of target you want to create

  1. Fill in the required information

If there are events detected during the period, all detected events will be shown in JSON format. Otherwise, it will show that there are no events found.


What watchers are compatible with each target?

Watcher/TargetContract TargetToken Target

Account Watcher

Timelock Watcher

Contract Watcher

ABI is not automatically detected, how do I find contract ABI?

  1. Find the chain's block explorer. For example, Etherscan for Ethereum and BSCScan for BNB Smart Chain.

  2. Put your contract address in search box. For example, the contract for Alpaca Finance's FairLaunch contract is found at

  3. Click Contract tab.

  4. Scroll down until you find ABI section.

  5. Copy ABI and paste in ABI box.

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