A sentinel is an engine that will do the data monitoring using the configuration provided in the watcher.

An activated Sentinel will be running to observe and generate events. For on-chain sources, the Radar Event will be generated at approximately 1 minute after the actual event happened on-chain.

You can see sentinel status in the Sentinels tab.

  • Synced: The latest event is detected within synchorization interval

  • Syncing: The sentinel is synchronizing information from the on-chain, but is not completely synced yet

  • Error: There is an error while trying to synchronize with the on-chain events

Create a sentinel

  1. Go to Sentinels tab

  2. Click Create Sentinel

  3. Choose the watcher to create a Sentinel from. If you don't have a watcher yet, create one first.

A sentinel will initially be deactivated after creation. In addition, a sentinel will start detecting event after its first activation only.

Activate or deactivate a sentinel

  1. Go to Sentinels tab

  2. Click toggle button beside the sentinel to activate or deactivate it

Activated sentinel will attempt to synchorize with on-chain information from the latest synchronized block. While it is synchronizing, the sentinel status will be Syncing until the synchorization is complete. Once completed, the status will change to Synced.

View sentinel logs

In case the sentinel fails to synchorize with on-chain information, the error will be shown in the logs for further investigation.

  1. Go to Sentinels tab

  2. Click View Logs icon beside the sentinel to view the logs

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